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Is Your African Fashion REALLY African


We are just days away from Black History Month which is a time when many African people make a concentrated effort to celebrate our  history and culture.

Churches, schools and community centers host a variety of cultural events where men, women and children can be seen decked out in their sharpest African attire – or at least what LOOKS like African attire.

Many popular clothing items in the US including dashikis and “African print” maxi skirts may actually be made in China, Thailand or India.

While there are many kinds of African fabrics and clothing styles to choose from, you can almost bet that if you find an African looking clothing item in a beauty supply store, nail salon or other business that is not African owned it is not really African.

While it may be possible to save a few dollars by purchasing African knock-offs, we must remember that African artisans lose when others profit from copying African cultural expressions.

This Black History Month shop with local African vendors, fashion designers and small clothing stores like Zenzele Consignment to get your African fashion.

You will look fabulous and feel good knowing that you are contributing to the economic and cultural development of Africa and African people!

Zenzele Consignment is a project of the nonprofit All African People’s Development & Empowerment Project.  AAPDEP organizes African led development projects in Africa and African Communities around the world.  So, when you support Zenzele Consignment, you support Self-reliance and Self-determination for African people world-wide!

Stop by Zenzele Consignment to shop, volunteer and learn more about how you can support African Self-determination.  We are located at 2205-F University Drive. NW, Huntsville, Alabama, 35816.

Hope to see you soon!


Zenzele Consignment: The People’s Clothing (&More) Store

On Saturday, August 6, more than 40 supporters joined AAPDEP and the Zenzele Consignment organizing committee for a pre-opening mixer and fundraiser.  The event took place at Zenzele Consignment which is located at 2205-F University Drive in the Northwood Shopping Plaza in Huntsville, Alabama.   The mixer kicked off with a meet and greet, giving the community an opportunity to browse through some of our inventory, meet the Zenzele Consignment team and enjoy a beautifully displayed and delicious buffet from the talented Chef Dayvina Duffy of Jenee Le Cuisine.

The program was opened by Kalister Banks, AAPDEP’s International Director of Information and Zenzele Consignment’s Director of Marketing. After a warm welcome and overview, Kalister introduced AAPDEP International Director and Zenzele Consignment Manager, Dr. Aisha Fields.

Dr. Fields gave a brief PowerPoint presentation on Zenzele Consignment, making the case for Zenzele Consignment as the People’s Clothing (&More) Store, explaining how consignment works, what kinds of clothing and other items Zenzele will offer and how the community can support the store. She also spent time really explaining the work and mission of the All African People’s Development & Empowerment Project (AAPDEP), the non-profit organization that Zenzele Consignment benefits.

As a non-profit clothing resale store supporting the programs of the All African People’s Development & Empowerment Project (AAPDEP), Zenzele Consignment means more than just great fashion at affordable prices, it means supporting programs that improve the quality of life in the communities where AAPDEP members serve. Come to Zenzele Consignment today and find out why we are the People’s Clothing Store and home of Confident, Revolutionary Style! 2205-F University Drive in Northwood Plaza.




Zenzele Consignment Signs Lease

Zenzele Consignment started two years ago as a vision to build an economic institution that will fund the work of our non-profit the All African People’s Development Project. Although we didn’t have any money or experience with opening a business, we had a plan and support from our Movement. So we set out to raise the money.

Our first major fundraiser was the Zenzele Online Holiday Auction  we didn’t reach our $5000 goal but we got a lot of visibility and starter funds to continue our work.

We held local fashion shows (1,2,3) and speed dating fundraisers with much success.   We hustled hard!

We had a successful month-long GoFundMe fundraiser that pulled in $8800.

Carl helping to transform the store

Carl helping to transform the store

We’ve also had some setbacks like pushing back the date for the store opening from 2014 to 2015 and now 2016; due to lack of resources, not being fully prepared, and not having the right location.

But through it all, with the support of the Uhuru Movement and our local Huntsville organizers, we’ve persevered.

Now we are happy to announce that Zenzele Consignment has a store front.     We’ve signed the lease and have the keys in hand.  We plan to open in Huntsville’s Northwood Plaza on July 15th.

Over the next few months, we’ll be redesigning the interior, signing up consignors, continuing to build up our inventory and conducting additional fundraisers.

Thanks for your patience and support. We are about to do this thang!


Zenzele Consignment wows in “Boutique to Runway Fashion Show”!

On Saturday, May 21st, 2016 Zenzele Consignment was one of the featured local clothing stores in the “Boutique to Runway Spring Fashion Show” hosted by Envy Entertainment, a popular nightclub in Huntsville, AL.

The fashion show, which drew over 200 fashion forward attendees was great exposure for our store as it offered us a platform to reach a broad local audience and  to display our unique style, mission and vision!

During the fashion show, Zenzele Consignment demonstrated a key element of African culture- collective work- as it was truly a community effort! Our segment of the fashion show was organized with the help of dynamic volunteer stylists, models and coordinators! We really couldn’t have done it without them.

During the show, the energy and style that were exuded by our models and music could be felt by the crowd- it was contagious!  It truly set the stage for what shoppers can look forward to as they experience shopping with us.

Zenzele Consignment is the key economic development institution of the non-profit,  All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP). The resources generated from the store will directly fund the projects  of  AAPDEP that support our threefold mission of organizing  African-led community development projects in Agriculture, Healthcare and Education.

Zenzele Consignment is currently seeking consignors and  in-kind donations of men’s and women’s lightly used designer, everyday basics, african-inspired and vintage clothing, jewelry and accessories.

To volunteer, make a tax-deductible donation or to begin consigning with us,  please send an email to info@zenzeleconsignment.com or call us at 256-281-1344.

Get Ready! Zenzele Consignment will be bringing Huntsville, Alabama confident, revolutionary style this summer!


Huntsville’s AAPDEP hosts successful Speed Dating fundraiser!

HUNTSVILLE, AL – In the local area of Huntsville, Alabama there are very little opportunities for Africans to socialize in an environment that is stress-free, relaxed, and centered around African culture and all of the many dynamics that represent African people- AND is led by fellow Africans.

The local branch of the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project, (AAPDEP), provided that socializing opportunity on December 11th, 2015 at Safari Sports Lounge with the social event, Nfiniti Match Speed Dating!

The city was eager and interested with the idea of a new type of social gathering for Africans; with that same excitement came a tid-bit of anxiousness. However, the turnout was amazing!

There were beautiful, single African men and women everywhere! Some wanted to check an item off of their bucket list and others were looking to meet a special someone.

By the end of the night, all involved had a fantastic evening full of surprises with every new date! One speed dater said, “This was so much fun and I can’t wait till the next one!”

Another noted on how relaxed the atmosphere was and how they felt at ease very quickly because it was so comfortable.

There were some that could not make it to the event for various reasons, but showed their unity in a variety of ways and are enthused for the next AAPDEP Event.

In the city of Huntsville, there was so much support for this event because it was truly a novelty idea for the local area.

The location of the event was donated by Safari Sports Lounge because they believe in the mission of AAPDEP and feel that Africans must show support for fellow Africans.

This was a display of the “One Africa, One Nation” philosophy that is so prevalent in everything that AAPDEP and the Uhuru Movement represent.

Through this event, AAPDEP was able to gain valuable contacts that have contributed to the enhancement of the local chapter in Huntsville.

The idea for a Speed Dating Event came from Black Star Industries, an organization within the Uhuru Movement led by Deputy Chair Ona Zene Yeshitela with the economic philosophy of Marcus Garvey: “Building the Economic Foundation for the African Nation”.

Since the first event was such a success, there is a lot of expressed anticipation for the next event and Huntsville AAPDEP is looking forward to hosting the next speed dating event that will be held at the Lotus Lounge on Friday, February 12th, 2016- just in time for Valentine’s Day activities!

This time there will be even more fun with spoken word, poetry, and music from local artists, including a possible piece from one of the event hosts’, Gracie Berry (@TheeAmazingGrace)!

This event has helped contribute to the fundraising for Zenzele Consignment, which will open in Huntsville on March 26th, 2016.

The plan for the function of the store was recently presented at the “African People’s Socialist Party’s  (APSP) 2016 Plenary”, where supporters of the Uhuru Movement, and members of the APSP convene and present a report of the previous year and lay out plans for the coming year.

Zenzele Consignment will be a financial institution that will generate resources so that AAPDEP will be able to create and implement various programs, nationally and internationally.

AAPDEP’s main focus is centered around Education, Agriculture and Healthcare. The programs that will be implemented will contribute to changing the conditions that affect African communities in this country and abroad.

If you are interested in contributing to Zenzele Consignment or would like more information, please visit zenzeleconsignment.com.

For more information on Nfiniti Speed Dating, please visit NfinitiSpeedDating.Blogspot.Com or Like their facebook page at facebook.com/NifinitiMatchSpeedDatingHuntsville.

Black-Owned Businesses Support the Efforts to Build Zenzele Consignment

African business just like African people, have a responsibility to share their skills and resources with the people. When African businesses are dedicated to our people and our liberation they need to be highlighted, recognize, and supported. Two of these warrior businesses are Oyin Handmade and Asli Pure. Both of these strong, quality, conscious, businesses have shown great dedication to Africa and African people all over the world. When we approached them, asking for support, there was no hesitation. These two businesses with strong black women in the forefront were the first to donate.

Oyin Handmade www.oyinhandmade.com, based in Baltimore MD, has a vast array of nourishing handmade hair and body care products. Asli Pure www.aslipure.bigcartel.com, based in Washington D.C. provides all natural handmade, soaps body oils, scrubs, and nectars.

Through the generous donation of these two strong businesses AAPDEP is pleased to offer a gift to our supporters, containing a combination of four of their great products. The first 5 people who make a tax deductible donation for $50 or more will receive one of these gift package (see bottom of page). AAPDEP is a non profit organization that is working to strengthen African development wherever African people are in the world. We are currently raising money to open Zenzele consignment in Huntsville Alabama, a non for profit boutique where all profits will go to funding AAPDEP development projects around the world and in the U.S. gofundme.com/aapdepstore


Please join us in saluting these wonderful businesses, and let’s follow their lead in supporting our liberation. In addition to making a donation you can support by visiting these business this holiday season and throughout the year at the following links:
Asli www.aslipure.bigcartel.com and, www.facebook.com/AsliPure and Oyin www.oyinhandmade.com www.facebook.com/oyinhandmade.

Make your donation here


AAPDEP’s First Ever Town Hall

The All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP) held our first ever Facebook Town Hall entitled “What does sustainable development in Africa look like”. The panelist were Dr. Aisha Fields, International Director of AAPDEP; Omowale Kefing, Chair of Houston AAPDEP and Yejide Orunmila, Information and Education Director of AAPDEP.

The panelist answered questions about China in Africa, Charity and Foreign Aid, and about some setbacks they’ve experienced as an organization.

Their answers were powerful and speaks to why having an African-led development organization is sorely needed.

Check out the posts and speak your mind! Support Zenzele Consignment, which is AAPDEP’s economic initiative to fund their projects by going to http://gofund.me/aapdepstore

See their posts below…

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**Bonus Question**Q6: What’s the difference in AAPDEP’s model when compared to say the model of Unicef, OxFam or Red Cross? #AfricanDevelopment

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How the chance of a love match creates African development

On Friday, December 11,  AAPDEP-Huntsville is hosting an Nfiniti Match Speed Dating Social Event at 7pm (sharp) at Safari Sports Lounge, 2117 Jonathan Dr. NW., Huntsville, AL.

Admission is $20 and pre-registration is strongly encouraged.

By participating in the speed dating event, Black singles will have the opportunity to meet interesting people in a fun, pressure free and lively environment.

Table games and ice breakers will help daters engage each other during 5 minute “mini dates” where fun is guaranteed, and a love match might just occur!

As a fundraiser for AAPDEP and Zenzele Consignment, no matter the outcome of the night’s events, one thing will be true…Africans will be one step and hopefully several hundred dollars closer to building AAPDEP’s first economic institution and furthering our mission to build dynamic do-for-self development programs in Africa and African communities worldwide.

Finally, a concrete way that Black love really helps to create African development and a better world for all African people.

To register, go to www.nfinitimatchspeeddating.blogspot.com

For more information, contact Aisha at: aisha@developmentforafrica.org or call 256-281-1344

If you are not in the Huntsville area but want to contribute to the opening of Zenzele Consignment directly,  go to http://gofund.me/aapdepstore

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