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Is Your African Fashion REALLY African


We are just days away from Black History Month which is a time when many African people make a concentrated effort to celebrate our  history and culture.

Churches, schools and community centers host a variety of cultural events where men, women and children can be seen decked out in their sharpest African attire – or at least what LOOKS like African attire.

Many popular clothing items in the US including dashikis and “African print” maxi skirts may actually be made in China, Thailand or India.

While there are many kinds of African fabrics and clothing styles to choose from, you can almost bet that if you find an African looking clothing item in a beauty supply store, nail salon or other business that is not African owned it is not really African.

While it may be possible to save a few dollars by purchasing African knock-offs, we must remember that African artisans lose when others profit from copying African cultural expressions.

This Black History Month shop with local African vendors, fashion designers and small clothing stores like Zenzele Consignment to get your African fashion.

You will look fabulous and feel good knowing that you are contributing to the economic and cultural development of Africa and African people!

Zenzele Consignment is a project of the nonprofit All African People’s Development & Empowerment Project.  AAPDEP organizes African led development projects in Africa and African Communities around the world.  So, when you support Zenzele Consignment, you support Self-reliance and Self-determination for African people world-wide!

Stop by Zenzele Consignment to shop, volunteer and learn more about how you can support African Self-determination.  We are located at 2205-F University Drive. NW, Huntsville, Alabama, 35816.

Hope to see you soon!