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The Marcus Garvey Youth Program

AAPDEP builds African Internationalist education programs aimed at winning general unity with the position of African ­self reliance and self-­determination. Many of our programs are built on a local level making use of the skills that exist in our local branches and communities.

AAPDEP’s Marcus Garvey Youth Program offers African children access to monthly skill-building workshops, African history and politics and culturally affirming social activities. The MGYP hosts an annual Black History Essay Contest each year during the months of January and Febr. Please visit our website or facebook for more details! We also host an annual African Internationalist Youth Camp: AAPDEP’s African Internationalist Youth Camp, which teaches African children outdoor survival skills, African Internationalist political education, and leadership skills to name a few.

It is no secret that the so called ”education” system fails to equip our children with even the basic skills, yet alone the ability to understand, challenge and address the state of the African community.

The school system is designed with the intention of brainwashing our children from a young age, to believe in, and embrace, an oppressive social structure.

Where this indoctrination reveals its colonial oppression of Africans; is when schools merely become a funnel to the prison industrial complex. In response to this AAPDEP has developed The Marcus Garvey Youth Program.

The Marcus Garvey Youth Program is  focused on winning general unity with the position of African ­self reliance and self-­determination, as one of our efforts to deal with this contradiction.

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Over 30 million African Children are excluded from receiving an education and are forced to contribute to the livelihood of their family instead.