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Our Philosophy

Africans, no matter where we are located are one people who must contribute our energy, skills and resources toward overturning the conditions that have been imposed on us. AAPDEP believes that key to our success is organization and that self-determination is the solution!

Our Mission

To collectivize the vast skills of Africans around the world in order to establish community based development projects that improve the quality of life for African people everywhere while promoting self-reliance and self-determination as key to genuine, sustainable development.

Our Vision

A united Africa – free of the poverty and misery all too common today. An Africa whose abundant resources, both human and material are used for the benefit of the masses of African people everywhere.

Our Goals

One of the primary goals of AAPDEP is to use the collective energy, skill and expertise of Africans wherever they are located and to include others with skills who are willing to work under the guidelines of this project, to offer their skills for the development of Africa and African communities throughout the world.

Our Features

The most important features of AAPDEP that distinguish ours from other approaches are:

  • Our work is lead by Africans for Africans.
  • We organize the highly trained and skilled sector of the African community to use our skills for the development of African communities everywhere.

International Director: Dr Aisha Fields

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