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Presents are great! Birthdays are fun! However, now you can use your birthday to help celebrate life and champion the cause of African empowerment. Pledge your birthday to help support AAPDEP’s mission to redefine what it means to develop African communities.


  1. PLEDGE – Fill out the form on this page to let us know that you want to Pledge Your Birthday. Make sure to tell your family and friends too.
  2. CAMPAIGN – When your birthday is near, we’ll send you a reminder to start a campaign. This can take the form of you creating a pledge page, having a birthday party or any other genius ways that you can think of to ask your friends and family for money, instead of gifts.
  3. SUPPORT OUR PROJECTS – 100% of what you raise will be spread across all of our projects or a specific project of your choosing. You’ll let us know.

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