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An AAPDEP Branch should be established wherever there are three or more members in a particular area.


The Local Leadership body is known as the Local Executive Committee and is comprised of the following: 1)Chair, 2)Secretary, 3)Economic Development/Treasurer, 4)Membership Coordinator and 5)Information Officer.

If there are only three members, then the positions can be combined in some manner, for example, the Membership Coordinator and Secretary positions could be combined and the Chair could also serve as the Information Officer.

AAPDEP Locals have the responsibility of carrying out the AAPDEP General Strategy set forth by the Executive Committee that may include any of the following activities:

    1. Organizing fundraisers and materials caravans for international AAPDEP projects.
    2. Engaging in various forms of community outreach with the purpose of informing the local community about the work of AAPDEP, generating resources, and recruiting Members
    3. Organizing community workshops with the goal of empowering the local African population. Workshop topics should be based on technical skills of committee members and the needs of the local community. Examples of possible workshop topics are; How to start and maintain a garden; The basics of rainwater harvesting; How to eat and stay healthy on a budget etc.
    4. Participating in AAPDEP international initiatives, organizing African community gardens and farms throughout the US. Where possible, AAPDEP Locals should participate in this initiative by organizing community gardens/farms and/or offering relevant community workshops. on topics like ‘how to start and maintain a garden’, ‘the basics of rainwater harvesting’, etc.
    5. Participating in AAPDEP Summer Projects and work brigades.

If you are interested in starting a local branch, please contact us at

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