Zenzele Consignment Signs Lease

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Zenzele Consignment Signs Lease

Zenzele Consignment started two years ago as a vision to build an economic institution that will fund the work of our non-profit the All African People’s Development Project. Although we didn’t have any money or experience with opening a business, we had a plan and support from our Movement. So we set out to raise the money.

Our first major fundraiser was the Zenzele Online Holiday Auction  we didn’t reach our $5000 goal but we got a lot of visibility and starter funds to continue our work.

We held local fashion shows (1,2,3) and speed dating fundraisers with much success.   We hustled hard!

We had a successful month-long GoFundMe fundraiser that pulled in $8800.

Carl helping to transform the store
Carl helping to transform the store

We’ve also had some setbacks like pushing back the date for the store opening from 2014 to 2015 and now 2016; due to lack of resources, not being fully prepared, and not having the right location.

But through it all, with the support of the Uhuru Movement and our local Huntsville organizers, we’ve persevered.

Now we are happy to announce that Zenzele Consignment has a store front.     We’ve signed the lease and have the keys in hand.  We plan to open in Huntsville’s Northwood Plaza on July 15th.

Over the next few months, we’ll be redesigning the interior, signing up consignors, continuing to build up our inventory and conducting additional fundraisers.

Thanks for your patience and support. We are about to do this thang!