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Feminists split on Hillary Clinton but united for imperialism

“Across the board there is a general sentiment among feminists that selecting Hillary Clinton as president is the best hope to save U.S. democratic process and champion their position that a woman—at the helm of U.S. imperialism—is equality.  Despite this, Hillary has not escaped criticism from feminists, particularly self-identified black feminists who find it difficult

The Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations: a response to Obama’s white power in black face

It’s time to unite!  It’s time for Africans to take back our power and create our own agenda.  Join us in Washington, DC for the black people’s convention on November 5-6 and vote for Black Power. The following is part one of three-part series of a transcribed speech which was made by Chairman of the Black is

Watermelon A delicious Healthy Food of Africa

Watermelon is one of the superfoods that comes from Africa.  This delicious and nutritious food is enjoyed all over the word, but many people don’t know it originated on the African continent. It is widely believed that watermelons originated in southern Africa.  This vine like plant was cultivate by Africans in the Nile valley at

Black Political Convention for Self-Determination November 5-6, 2016

Black Women. With this National Black Political Agenda for Self-Determination, the entire black or African nation declares our commitment to facilitate the elevation of African women to full, equal partnership in our struggle to create a new world of freedom and socialist democracy for a united black community and a world shorn forever of bosses

Africa is not charity

“Neither charity, pity nor prayer will change the material conditions that have been imposed on our people. Only by consolidating the dispersed African Nation in our struggle for self-determination and self-government will we ensure our collective safety as a people whether in Haiti, New Orleans, in the Continent of Africa or any other place African

AAPDEP Houston needs your help

Houston is AAPDEP’s long-standing agriculture project and is currently still going strong today.  If you are in the Houston area and are interested in helping to keep this project going, join AAPDEP and come out to the garden to lend a hand. This garden is here to provide for the community. Every helping hand matters. Let’s build

Africans in Haiti and Everywhere Must Have the Black Ankh!

On Tuesday, October  4 2016, Hurricane Matthew, the strongest hurricane to hit the region in more than ten years, smashed into Haiti with 145 mile per hour winds and torrential rain. Now, in the aftermath of the storm, the magnitude of the humanitarian crisis has been hard to take in. More than 1,000 people are

White power to blame for devastation in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

To those colonial and neocolonialist leaders, as well as parasitic organizations expressing concern for Africans in Haiti, we say “hands off of Haiti!” Hands off Haiti, hands off Africa and hands off Africans wherever we were forcefully displaced on this planet! Free Haiti!  Join AAPDEP Today! by Elikya Ngoma, African People’s Socialist Party AYITI––Over 850