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AAPDEP’s Project Black Ankh


Black Ankh is the humanitarian aid and disaster relief organization for the African Nation. Our primary mission is to carry out relief operations to assist African victims of natural disasters and other emergencies anywhere they may occur in the African World.   

Black Ankh’s work focuses on the following areas: disaster preparedness, disaster response and community health.

The Black Ankh is a volunteer organization that promotes self-reliance and self-determination for African people and which practices African Internationalist solidarity with the oppressed and colonized people of the world.

The Black Ankh is a program of the All African People’s Development & Empowerment Project, which since 2007 has built African community led development programs in the areas of agriculture, education and health in Africa and in African communities throughout the United States.


Black Ankh works towards a world where:

  • African people are free of daily insecurity and fear
  • African people affected by disaster can receive care, resources and hope
  • African people are ready and prepared for disasters
  • There are always trained individuals ready to respond in times of emergency and natural disaster  that Affect African people


To use the collective energy, skill and expertise of Africans wherever we are located, and to include others who are willing to work under the guidelines of this program, to offer their energy, resources and skills for the protection of Africa and African communities around the world. 


We believe in the unity of African (Black) people. We believe that no matter where we may be  located, African people must contribute our skills for the development and protection of Africa and African people.  Our work is not charity. It is the work of a globally-colonized people determined to be self-reliant and self-determining.


  • Black Ankh volunteers often live in the communities they serve
  • Black Ankh volunteers are part of an international network that allows their skills to be put to use anywhere in the African world
  • Black Ankh volunteers are mobilized quickly to respond when disaster strikes
  • Black Ankh is active in health, food security, water and sanitation
  • Black Ankh delivers programming to address the humanitarian consequences of natural disaster, violence and other emergencies
  • Black Ankh works in close collaboration with communities to support their levels of emergency preparedness and capacity building 

Principles of Unity

  1. As a Project Black Ankh Volunteer, I recognize my service as being under the leadership of AAPDEP and the Project Black Ankh program to which I am assigned in order to meet the organization’s humanitarian goals and objectives.
  2. All African (Black) people, wherever we (they) may be located, are one people!
  3. African people, like all people, deserve to be prepared for and protected in the event of natural disasters and other emergencies. 
  4. I offer my skills freely, without the expectation of monetary or other forms of individual gain.

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