Growing produce in pots has many wonderful benefits

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Growing produce in pots has many wonderful benefits

Growing vegetables and herbs in containers can be a very efficient way to add fresh healthy produce to your diet.  This technique can be done where there is not a lot of space for gardening and with people who might have difficulty accessing garden space.  You should start with a good size pot about 18-20 inches tall and wide, with drainage holes.  

Start after all chances of frost, pots can freeze easier than plants in the ground.  A potting mix should be used, over soil from your yard, the potting mix will be lighter and you can cut down on introducing weeds or disease to your soil.  Find a nice accessible location that gets at least 6 hours of sun a day.  Make sure you check the moisture in the pot and water accordingly.  

Potted plants can tend to dry out quickly.  Do not drown the plants but keep the soil evenly moist.  Give each plant enough space, even though they don’t have to meet the space requirements as if you were growing in the ground.  

It is a good idea to plant vegetables and herbs together, and do some research on what are good companion crops.   Growing plants in pots is a good way to practice low intense agriculture, efficiently use space, provides the gardener a healthy harvest, and the ability to improve their agricultural skills for even larger projects down the line.