Easy way to Grow Strawberries in a small space

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Easy way to Grow Strawberries in a small space

Even though summer is winding down, we want to get you thinking about growing one of our favorites next year!

Strawberries are a tasty and nutritious late spring and summer fruit.  Fresh strawberries especially, organic can get expensive.  Everyone doesn’t have the space or the time to grow and maintain a strawberry patch, but strawberries can be grown in a variety of containers.  This is a great way to get fruit if you don’t have a lot of space.  It is also not that difficult to do, and since they are a perennial plant, meaning they come back the next year, once you get them established it’s a lot less work the following year.

You can start by choosing what variety of strawberry to grow.   For container grown, it’s best to choose a variety that says it is “ever bearing”; these fruits should bear all summer long.  Once you choose what type of container you are going to use, you are ready to start planting.  There are many examples of different container grown strawberries.

Make sure that you have good clean soil, preferably virgin soil or first time use top soil or potting soil.  Make sure the container has drainage capabilities and cover in drainage holes only allowing water to seep out.

Plant the tallest plants first making sure not to plant the crown of the plant under the soil. You can add compost or organic fertilizer to the soil before you plant.  Continue with the other plants about 8-10 in apart, or 2 -3 plants in a small container.  Once you have finished, water the plants but do not flood them.  Place the containers in an area that gets 6-8hrs of direct sunlight a day.

For care, sufficiently water the plants.  If the first 1-2in of the soil is dry then they need watering.  Try to keep the leaves dry by watering the soil or watering early in the day.  Pick the berries as they turn red, and also pick the rotten fruit and remove any dead leaves.  To keep the plant confined to the container, and to not reproduce, cut back any runner vines and leaves only leaving the main plant.  Now you are ready to enjoy strawberries all summer long!