5 Vegetables That Are Easy To Grow For A Kid-Friendly Garden

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5 Vegetables That Are Easy To Grow For A Kid-Friendly Garden

Some Tips Before You Get Started:

  • Buy some garden tools designed for children that are smaller in size and most of the time offer additional safety.
  • Allow children to decorate and personalize their pots!
  • When sowing seeds or transplanting your starter plants, space them out with a little extra room in between. This will help to prevent plants from being trampled on by your children)!

What Plants Should I Choose?

When gardening with such young ones, you want the plants you pick to be easy and encouraging to work with. You also want plants that are safe.

1. Beans

Beans are a great plant for preschoolers given their small size and relative ease to plant. When germinated properly, they also sprout relatively quickly (8-10 days) to keep up with waning attention spans!

2. Okra

It’s very healthy, and so easy to grow. You will only need to water it about once a week! We recommend buying a spineless variety, because some okra plants are pointy and could end up hurting your little ones if they are not wearing protective gloves.  

3. Eggplant

Kids often enjoy watching plants like eggplants grow, because initially, they produce pretty purple flowers. They prefer higher temperatures, so you should start them in the spring. They require a lot of moisture so that their fruits can grow big, so it helps to apply a layer of mulch around the plants to block the sun from drying up all the water in the soil. They can get heavy, so you’ll likely need a stake once your plant starts producing more than five fruits at a time.

4. Mint

Growing mint shrub in your garden can encourage your toddler’s senses. Mints are vigorous perennials that thrive in light soil with good drainage. For growing outdoors, plant one or two purchased plants (you can also regrow mint from cuttings) about 2 feet apart in moist soil. One or two plants will easily cover the ground.  Mint should grow to be 1 or 2 feet tall.

5. Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes can be grown in 5 gallon buckets. They’re amazingly easy to grow, and even one plant will bear a steady crop of bite-size fruits all season. Transplant your tomato into rich garden soil when the soil is warm but the sky is overcast (this will cut down on transplant shock). Pick a location where the plant will get at least eight hours of direct sun each day.

Think Outside Of the Box

Also consider planting non-toxic flowers to add attractive smells and color to your garden.

Edible Flowers: While these aren’t technically vegetables, they are pretty and healthy!

Plants with pleasing scents, such as peonies, can make the garden a more alluring and pleasant place to play and work. These good-smelling plants often attract butterflies to a garden, encouraging another exciting element for your preschooler to interact with.

Another plant to spruce up your garden is the Sunflower. Providing a vibrant splash of yellow can be highly appealing to a young child. Touch and texture both can also be engaging. Some soft fuzzy plants may be a good fit for your garden. Thanks for reading!

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