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AAPDEP: Winning the Vision for African Skills for African Liberation

On November 17th-19th the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP) will be holding their 10th anniversary convention in Huntsville, Alabama. This highly anticipated event will be a call to Africans around the world to give their skills in the areas of education, agriculture, healthcare, economic development, and emergency relief to the African nation to further AAPDEP’s mission and vision.

AAPDEP has seen major accomplishments in 2017, with purchasing the land for the Fifth Ward Community Garden in Houston through its ‘SOILdarity’ campaign, a new garden and major changes to the Zenzele Consignment Store in Huntsville, Alabama.

AAPDEP continues to work tirelessly to consolidate its base in Sierra Leone and build on its already established agricultural programs there. Now AAPDEP is developing its strategy to bring skilled Africans into the organization to build programs for the self sustainability of African communities and the liberation of the African nation.

The organization has witnessed first hand the impact of global warming and lack of infrastructure caused by imperialism on African people worldwide with the deaths caused by the Sierra Leone mudslide and the destruction of African communities by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in Houston, Texas and the Caribbean this past August through September. Now AAPDEP is going into its 10th anniversary convention flexing its collective and organizational muscle to build Project Black Ankh, the African nation’s Disaster Medical Team (DMT) and humanitarian aid division. Project Black Ankh is beginning to establish its humanitarian assistance program in Houston, Texas after Hurricane Harvey.

This convention will see Africans speaking on the needs for developing economic development, educational, healthcare and agricultural programs in the colonized African community to develop its capacity to be self sustaining. It is AAPDEP’s overall mission to raise the African quality of life while working towards the liberation of the African nation. AAPDEP will be working in several fields while building on past programs that have seen the community come together under African leadership.

Going into a new year, AAPDEP is focused on fulfilling its mandate, building its ranks of skilled African workers and bringing those skills to the people. It’s a very inspiring and exciting time to become a member of the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project while we struggle to bring African people together to work out solutions to our collective problems. Register for AAPDEP’s 10th anniversary convention today! Help us bring our acquired skills to the people! African Skills for African Liberation!


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