If you and members of your household are not immunocompromised and/or elderly and haven’t been exposed to the virus yourselves, please follow these protocols carefully to minimize risk.

Items you will need:

Hand sanitizer (if you have any) or soap and water 

Glasses or goggles to cover your eyes

Face coverings:

•use surgical masks if widely available, otherwise use tightly-woven cotton fabric

bring a change of mask/face covering if you have one, especially if your action will last more than 2 hours.

Disposable bags to store used masks and other potentially-contaminated items

What to do:

Wear a mask! Bring additional masks in order to change every two hours or if there is another reason to change it. Face covering is non-negotiable.

If you’re able, wear something medical grade; a surgical mask, for instance, is better at stopping the transmission of COVID-19 particles than a bandana. And be sure to wear the mask properly: it should fit snugly over the mouth, nose, and chin, secure enough that you don’t have to tug on it or pull it down for any reason.

Cover your eyes with glasses or goggles

If possible, bring additional masks for others who are attending the action and do not have masks

To the extent possible, avoid people who are not wearing masks

Maintain minimum 6 feet physical distancing measures to the extent possible.


If it is an action called by the Uhuru Movement, we must do everything possible to strictly enforce social distancing and mask wearing.


Do not shake hands, hug, or conduct long, face-to-face conversations. Maintaining physical distance is challenging, but we must resist the temptation to breach these basic safety protocols.  

Wash and or Sanitize your hands and the things you have with you frequently, and do not touch anything/anyone unless absolutely necessary.

If you begin to feel ill at some point after the action, you should get tested for covid-19- but make sure you wait about five days after the action to do so to lessen the risk of a false negative test result. 

Use of megaphones and microphones:

If possible, megaphones should not be passed from person to person. Megaphones should be disinfected before and after use.  If multiple people must use the same megaphone, then it should be disinfected with alcohol or a bleach water solution before being used by the next person. Megaphone should be disinfected after the last use and whoever handles it must disinfect their hands with hand sanitizer.

Microphones must be disinfected before use and in between speakers with alcohol (at least 70%) solution.

Allow alcohol to air dry on the surface of the megaphone or microphone.

Important information on face coverings

If you must remove your face covering to eat, or for any other reason:

Use hand sanitizer before and after you remove your face covering, or wash your hands if you are at a rest stop.

Handle used face coverings by the ties/ear loops only. Do not touch the face area.

If possible, store the used face covering in a bag and put on a fresh one after.

If you will need to put the same face covering back on, place it on a disposable paper towel or tissue, outer side facing down.

Make sure you put it back on with the same side facing outwards.

Sanitize/wash your hands before and after you replace your face covering,

Change your face covering every 2 hours, or more frequently if the fabric has become damp with moisture from your mouth.

Upon returning home


Take off your shoes and keep them at your door.  

Take off your outer layer of clothing and other protective equipment and put into a plastic bag for washing later or put directly into the washing machine to wash immediately.

Take a shower right away. Touch as little as possible inside your home. Do not sit on your couch or bed before bathing.

Sanitize door knobs, top of washing machine or any other surface you may have touched since entering your home.


Clean frequently-handled areas of the vehicle with bleach solution, warm soapy water, or anti-microbial disinfectant, e.g.:

  • Outside/inside door/boot/trunk handles
  • Steering wheel
  • Gear stick and handbrake
  • Digital/radio controls
  • Seatbelts and seat belt fastenings
  • Window controls