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AAPDEP’s Education Commission working to create African Internationalist curriculum and children’s books

AAPDEP has partnered with our Sister Organization, the African National Women’s Organization (ANWO) to develop the curriculum for the Uhuru KIJIJI.

Uhuru KIJIJI (Freedom Village) Childcare Collective (UKCC) is an institution that is being organized by ANWO to address a basic and fundamental need of poor and working-class African women, many of whom are single mothers with the sole responsibility of caring for their children.

The UKCC is designed to engage, organize and empower the entire African community to reassume the responsibility for our children and for creating a new society for ourselves, our families and our community.

AAPDEP’s newly formed Education Commission is tasked with developing educational programs from the vantage point of the oppressed African working class which requires examination of the traditional educational structure and the role it plays in stifling genuine development in Africa and African Communities around the world.

Our educational programs combine political education and skills training as the means through which African people, both children and adults, can begin to realize our full potential and take responsibility for the empowerment of our communities.

Along with developing the curriculum for the UKCC, AAPDEP’s Education Commission is currently creating a Marcus Garvey Children’s book.  This book will teach African children about the life of Marcus Garvey, his principles and influence on the world.  More than that, it will allow African children an opportunity to see themselves as having the responsibility to build upon Garvey’s legacy by doing the work necessary, even as children, to forward a united, Socialist Africa.

If you are interested in joining the AAPDEP Education Commission, please send an email to info@developmentforafrica.org or give us a call at 256-281-1344.

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