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AAPDEP Houston Building for a Sustainable Future

AAPDEP is growing by leaps and bounds in Houston, TX where we’ve had a community garden for the past 6 years.   The garden has been the center of our work here which is part of AAPDEP’s objective to build organizers that will carry out the work of building self-sustaining communities throughout the world.  

It is important, therefore, that we have people who are willing to lend their expertise to build branches.   This is central to the growth of AAPDEP.   We the  AAPDEP Houston Local Executive Committee are the local leadership ready answer the call!  We are taking all required steps to become self-determined people.

Won’t you answer the call and become a member of AAPDEP today.  You can do so by filling out an application here.

AAPDEP Houston needs your help

Houston is AAPDEP’s long-standing agriculture project and is currently still going strong today.  If you are in the Houston area and are interested in helping to keep this project going, join AAPDEP and come out to the garden to lend a hand. This garden is here to provide for the community. Every helping hand matters. Let’s build the community, and be self-determined to do for ourselves.  There is no better time than now.  Here are a few pics of the garden and some of the comrades who are maintaining it.  We are winning!





Spring/Summer Crop from the Houston 5th Ward Community Garden

Here’s some of this year’s spring/summer crop at AAPDEP 5th Ward Community Garden.  Fall crop in the ground.

Join AAPDEP Today!