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Revolutionary Struggle For African Health



Revolutionary Struggle For African Health

By William Hobson

With the new Trump administration in office, and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) repealed, many Africans

in the United States are afraid of being left without healthcare and access to healthcare resources.

Mississippi has just reminded us Africans of how volatile the weather has become because of the

destruction of the environment. Africans in the United States and abroad have the lowest life

expectancies, while poverty and lack of healthcare recourses are very telling examples of our global

colonized situation. The All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project’s Health

Commission is working towards the betterment of African health and the development of a

revolutionary struggle for African people’s right to live.

It is being estimated by Harvard doctors that 43,956 deaths due to lack of health insurance will occur

every year in the United States. Africans have been and continues to be the hardest hit in America’s

healthcare debate. It is the Health Commission’s struggle to secure resources and create programs that

will meet the healthcare needs of Africans here in the United States, the Caribbean and Africa. We now

see the revolutionary need for self determination in the area of healthcare. Along with mental health,

our physical health is being threatened, which creates the need for African people to build a contending

system that works for African people’s benefit. We lose millions of African people in the United States

alone, every year to diabetes, substance abuse and cancer, while only 13.5% of African people under 65

have health coverage. We believe that African people are more than capable to solve these problems

and take a revolutionary approach to meeting our healthcare needs and building our own healthcare


Africans across the world find themselves powerless in the sights of natural disasters. Haiti has been

devastated by earthquakes, and unseasonable tornadoes have ripped through Mississippi in January of

2017. Africans in Sierra Leone along with several other West African countries were devastated by the

Ebola Crisis from December 2013 to June 2016. African communities are finding it harder to survive and

rebuild. Imperialism makes the struggle for the survival of African communities around the world the

most highest of AAPDEP’s priories. The Health Commission is now focused on the creation of Project

Black Ankh, the African people’s stance against the destruction of African communities due to natural

disasters, and humanitarian and health crises. This new Health Commission is now looking to lead the

African poor and working class people in creating an independent and self relying answer to the army of

non-profits that exploit African people during and after the worst crises.

We can now see the possibilities to develop for ourselves as African people this year, the means and

recourses to reverse our conditions concerning healthcare. The All African People’s Development and

Empowerment Project is winning the vision to improve the African quality of life and creating the means

to safeguard our vulnerability to global imperialist politics. This is indeed a vey big year for our

organization, and is looking to expand its capacity to act globally for all African people. Whether its

Project Black Ankh, creating and sustaining greater community access to healthcare resources or

educating African people on the importance of healthcare, we have most graciously took on and

accepted this struggle.

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