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Marcus Garvey Enrichment Program

Project Summary: The Marcus Garvey Program in Barry Farms aims to give our children the type of education missing from mainstream schooling. The children will learn about important figures in global black history, freedom fighters, their African identity, healthy living, build practical skills such as gardening, engage in creative expression and build confidence in their own abilities. In addition, tutoring and homework help will also be offered.

Analysis: Along with the knowledge that “development” is coming to a black (African) community often come certain realizations. Firstly, this development is usually not for the benefit of the African’s already in the community. Secondly, not only are the infrastructure improvements not targeted at working class Africans, they often undermine their ability to live and thrive in their own neighborhoods. Throughout the US, gentrification- the displacement of low income residents in favor of a more affluent populace- is becoming an unstoppable force. This is especially true in Washington DC where so called “progress” and “development” is forcing the black population out of what was once known as chocolate city.

The main objective of AAPDEPs work in Washington DC, and in the global African world, is to present our communities with a new way of thinking about our own development. It is not in our benefit to wait for the so called authorities or charities to regenerate our areas, especially since these efforts are at a minimum demoralizing and often carried out with ulterior motives. Instead, all of AAPDEP’s work is spearheaded by and for Africans. By organizing ourselves and utilizing our own skills for the benefit of the wider black community we are taking an important step towards true self-determination.

Email membership@developmentforafrica.org to find out how you can become a member and/or contribute your skills to the local DC work.

End: This project has ended. See a list of our ongoing projects that you can donate to.