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Marcus Garvey Enrichment Documentary Project

AAPDEP DC members in conjunction with several local organizations, worked with the African youth living in the Barry Farms low-income housing community of Washington D.C. Youth from the ages of 13-18 produced a documentary about the historical Barry Farms community, its current social history, and the thriving culture that highlights the positive culture of Barry Farms, but also the historiography of South East, Washington D.C.

The initial phase of this project sought funding for research and development of a proposed documentary that audio-visually depicted the rich, but under-represented African youth’s perspective on the current issues of Barry Farms  and the broader African Washington, D.C. community.

The objective of the Marcus Garvey Enrichment Documentary Project was to help African youth to develop skills in oral history techniques and documentary film-making to record their community history.

African youth developed skills as a videographers to develop a skill set which could lead them into a profession of documentary film-making, develop skills that they can in-turn teach to the community as a whole, and provide the Barry Farms community an alternative to traditional charity work through skill building.

African youth developed and enhance liberal arts and humanities skills by learning the skills required in documentary film-making.

End: This project has ended. See a list of our ongoing projects that you can donate to.