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AAPDEP Houston

donatebtnThe Fifth Ward Community Garden and Food Co-op is a project of the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP). It is worked by the membership of the local Houston AAPDEP chapter, along with community members.

The garden which consists of 38 rows (60 feet long) which grows  food for the community.  Right now the garden has been funded by the by neighborhood contributions and local AAPDEP fundraisers but in order for us to reach our full capacity we’ll need the support of the broader international community.

A rainwater harvesting system was installed  in May of 2014, which consists of more than 45 feet of gutters, and 50-60 feet of three inch PVC pipe and its fittings, including cut-off valves and an irrigation pump.

The irrigation system will also allow for the expansion of the garden itself by as many as thirty rows.

The organizers of the garden intend for this project to develop into a serious food co-op along with a black community flea market. (Houston has the largest African community in the South, but does not have a single African Flea Market).