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Project Black Ankh (PBA)

What is Project Black Ankh?

Project Black Ankh (PBA) is a program of the All African People’s Development & Empowerment Project (AAPDEP), an African-led non-profit and organizational member of the Uhuru Movement.

AAPDEP works to collectivize the vast skills of Africans around the world in order to establish community-based development projects that improve the quality of life for African people everywhere while promoting self-reliance and self-determination as key to genuine, sustainable development.

As a program of AAPDEP, Project Black Ankh’s mission is to mobilize the human and material resources necessary to respond to natural disasters and other humanitarian crises that disproportionately affect African people in the US, Africa and around the world.

Project Black Ankh is the African Nation’s organized emergency response. It exists to ensure that African people no longer find ourselves helpless in the face of disaster.

Why PBA is necessary

We continue to see the devastating impact that natural and manmade disasters have on African people around the world.   When crisis hits, our people are left at the mercy of medical  and search and rescue organizations  who are often slow to respond.  The result is thousands of lives lost and thousands more displaced; and the millions of dollars donated barely reach the affected communities.

We have decided to take a stand and build a network of  medical and emergency response professionals who will be prepped and ready to be dispatched within their community and around the world in cases of emergency.

Project Black Ankh  means life for the African world.


In 2014 AAPDEP initiated Project Black Ankh as the African Nation’s response to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, organizing the training of 50 community health workers in the prevention and identification of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), distributing food, water and sanitation supplies to EVD affected families and communities, and providing counseling in support of  survivors and their families working to reintegrate into their communities.

Help AAPDEP Build the PBA Emergency Response Team!

AAPDEP is currently working to build Project Black Ankh Emergency Response Teams comprised of African medical professionals and others trained in emergency response and related areas that can be deployed anywhere throughout the African world.

All those interested in joining or supporting this effort are being called to join AAPDEP at our 10th Anniversary and National Conference  November 17-19 in Huntsville, Alabama.

For more information on how to join or donate to the AAPDEP Project Black Ankh and the Emergency Response Team, please contact AAPDEP at info@developmentforafrica.org  or 256-281-1344.


The Latest

On Monday, August 28 2017, sister Chiwoniso Luzolo, International Secretary for the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement and her husband, Hashim Bissalam, were in need of emergency rescue from their one  story home in Cypress, TX. Flood waters had risen above the 12ft stilts their home sits on  and they did not have access to the
The city of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, which has a high African and Latino population, was devastated over the weekend by Tornados which killed 4 people.  We, as Africans, need to be able to respond to crisis when it happens, without the help of any government assistance. Join AAPDEP today! HATTIESBURG, Miss. — Four people were killed
On Tuesday, October  4 2016, Hurricane Matthew, the strongest hurricane to hit the region in more than ten years, smashed into Haiti with 145 mile per hour winds and torrential rain. Now, in the aftermath of the storm, the magnitude of the humanitarian crisis has been hard to take in. More than 1,000 people are
On Sunday, August 9th, Daniel Conteh was appointed AAPDEP’s Sierra Leone National Director, a position which places him on the International Executive Committee. Danielobtained his Teaching Certificate in 2000 from the Freetown Teacher’s College and earned his Higher Teacher Certificate Secondary with a specialization in Agriculture and Community Development in 2007. In 2008 he pursued
SIERRA LEONE: The following is a Project Black Ankh: Ebola Response in Sierra Leone, update from AAPDEP forces.  It describes the community outreach and sensitization programs initiated by AAPDEP as a way to educate communities about some of the real threats of this disease.  This involved radio and street outreach. March 26-April 26: Radio Sensitization