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AAPDEP builds African Internationalist educational programs aimed at winning general unity with the position of African ­self reliance and self-­determination as key to genuine sustainable development. Concretely, we develop programs in the following areas:

  1. Alternatives to the current cyclical aid and development models
  2. Sustainable agriculture (y.e.s. school visit)
  3. Community health workers training (black ankh)
  4. A youth development and survival skills (link this to the youth survival skills retreat)
  5. Adult literacy (link this to adult literacy pictures we wrote on aapdep in sierra leone)
  6. Rainwater harvesting, renewable energy and other appropriate technologies (rainwater
    harvesting pics from houston and sierra leone)

To learn more about this area of our work or to volunteer your skills contact our International Membership Director,  Aja Zola at membership@developmentforafrica.org


  • skill building
  • self reliance
  • empowerment
  • political education
  • community involvement