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  • alt="AAPDEP Leadership travels to NARTS Conference" /> AAPDEP Launches Project Black Ankh Project Blank Ankh address Ebola epidemic in West Africa
  • AAPDEP Leadership travels to NARTS Conference AAPDEP Leadership travels to NARTS Conference Aisha Fields, Ona Zene Yeshitela, Yejide Orunmila
  • AAPDEP Houston AAPDEP Houston Installing 2000 gallon water container for the community garden.
AAPDEP is an African led non-profit organization established to engage in development projects that improve the quality of life in African communities worldwide by making use of the vast technical expertise of Africans everywhere.

The activities of AAPDEP include, but are not limited to, rainwater harvesting, community electrification through renewable energy technologies, farming, fishing ,community health workers training and a variety of education initiatives.

AAPDEP is guided by the understanding that ultimately, the future of African people everywhere is tied to our ability to unite Africa's people, resources and skills.

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